4 Garage Door Protection Tips For Every Season

Garages have taken on a new, more important role in the modern home. Nowadays it’s not just an afterthought but can be transformed into something much more interesting and inviting – adding value to your house as well as providing extra storage solutions or even recreational spaces!

Make your garage an all-season destination! From winter’s chill to summer’s heat, protect it from the elements and keep it in tip-top condition with these practical tips. Your home deserves a pleasant year-round smart garage space – let our garage door repair company experts in Raleigh help Durham residents get there!

Tips For Garage Door Protection

Transforming your disorganized garage floor from a simple storage area to the perfect workspace or hangout space! With some updates with materials like garage door springs and some garage door maintenance, you can make sure it’s protected from temperature extremes and erratic weather. Here are our top protection tips from garage door professional technicians for year-round, seasonal use.

1. Install a New Door

Are you wondering if it might be time for an additional garage door? Most doors have an expected lifespan, and after that point, we may notice some signs of wear and they won’t provide the same level of performance as before. While a replacement can seem like an expensive proposition at first glance, over time these investments often pay off in added value to your home.

A new replacement garage is likely to be more energy efficient, reducing your power bills over time and requiring fewer repairs due to greater durability. Now’s a good time to evaluate whether or not it’s worth investing in a replacement!

2. Add or Replace the Weather Stripping

Your weather stripping is essential for keeping pests and debris outside, as well as regulating the temperature. Be sure to check its condition regularly – if you notice signs of cracks or separation from the frame then it may be time for a replacement!

3. Install New Windows and Doors

Your garage door windows and doors are the barriers between your storage space and the types of garage door elements outside, so it’s important to have them in good condition. Even if they seem sturdy, wear-and-tear from extreme temperatures can cause degrading over time – leaving you with a drafty workspace or extra hot summer days! Regular maintenance is key for keeping these fixtures up to par.

As such, they may well have started to wear out. Inspect your windows and automatic garage doors, and see whether they require repair with the help of a garage door technician. In many cases, those windows won’t have been replaced since the garage was built. As such, you’ll want to look into getting them replaced.

Investing in a top-of-the-line basic garage replacement can help you save money on costly garage energy costs while increasing the temperature control of your home. You’ll be able to enjoy greater protection from drafts and extreme temperatures – saving time, hassle, and expense down the road!

4. Install Insulation

Insulation installation is one of the best ways to keep the temperature comfortable in your common garage and make it a usable space. You may not even realize that your balanced garage needs insulation, but it does, just like the rest of your home. If you don’t have insulation, you’ll see that it gets very cold in the winter and hot in the summer.

When you install the insulation, you’ll find that the temperature is much more reasonable all year. You’ll need to have the walls and roof insulated, but don’t forget about the door itself. This can be insulated too, and insulating the door will help correct the temperature inside. If you install a modern garage door, you’ll see that some doors already have insulation.

Contact Your Local Professional

Take your unbalanced garage from a storage unit to a livable space! Connecting with a professional garage door repair service expert in Raleigh is the best way to get started and ensure that you’ll have a functional, comfortable living area in no time.

Some jobs, such as replacing the weather stripping, can be done yourself, but others are more technical in nature. These are just a few seasonal garage door protection tips. Start planning your residential garage renovations now, and you’ll be able to use it as living space all year round.

These are some of the best garage protection tips for every season to maximize the protection of your average garage and keep your home secure. If your commercial garage needs garage door inspection or repairs, Tip Top Garage Door Repair Raleigh is ready to help!

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