6 Ways To Decorate Your Garage Door For The Holidays

Decorating your garage door for the holidays is a great way to increase curb appeal and show off your holiday spirit! Not only does it add a festive charm to your home, but it also serves as an eye-catching invitation for family and friends. Add more cheer to your neighborhood this season by going beyond the traditional Christmas lights. Create a festive atmosphere and delight those around you with decorations sure to impress!

You can easily find materials for simple projects and transform that old, boring garage door into an amazing scene! Whether Cary residents are looking for traditional decorations or something more unique, our garage door repair experts in Raleigh have some tips on how to decorate your garage door this holiday season.

Tips On Decorating Garage Door


You can turn your garage door into a large gift box with just about everything you need. All it takes is some creativity and the right tools! You’ll need a 9 x 10 colored tarp, thick ribbon, and bow to make this super easy project. 


  • You need to open the garage door and spread a tarp over it. The edges should hang down behind your house, so you can tape them in place on either side.
  • When you tape the ribbon to your garage door, make sure that it is in a straight line and extends slightly below or above. This ensures an even distribution of weight across both ends so there won’t be any sagging when opened up fully!
  • Create a unique design by weaving two lengths of ribbon in opposite directions! Extend this piece across your garage door and tape one end to either side for an eye-catching design!
  • An easy way to make a bow is by taping one in the middle of your present.
  • To give your house the finishing touch, add some light fixtures or garlands.


The selection of garage-sized holiday murals is endless. You can find ones with messages like “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hanukkah” or the ongoing FIFA Soccer World Cup. Simply choose your favorite, use painter’s tape to secure it on the door then watch as you transform this space into something spectacular for all seasons!

Lighted Christmas Tree

To make an eye-catching Christmas tree that shines from your garage, use 25 outdoor white light clips and 1 strand of green LED lights. Place the strands on top of each other with about 6 inches between them to create branches for a lush forest scene in front or windowsill where you want seasonal cheer all year long!


  • Create a festive holiday decorations display in your beautiful garage with the three light clips to build an eye-catching triangle. Attach them according to package instructions and then enjoy their beautiful glow from inside or outside!
  • This creative tree stump has been adorned with five eye-catching light clips to produce a mesmerizing zig-zag pattern.
  • Once you find yourself at the bottom of a tree stump, strap on your work gloves and get to stringing up lights.
  • Create a festive Christmas tree by stringing lights around the light clips in triangle shapes.
  • Create a show-stopping display with your holiday lights! String them in an eye-catching zigzag pattern within the branches of your tree.
  • To hang the bow on top of your tree, use this outdoor terrace hook.
  • Give your tree a beautiful festive glow by attaching the remaining outdoor light clips around its interior. Then, bend each ornament hook in half to hang an elegant holiday decoration from every clip!
  • Illuminate your holiday spirit! Ensure a nearby outlet is ready to receive the light strand. When you illuminate the Christmas tree, it will shower in glittering splendor for all who pass by to admire.

Decorative Magnet Message

To make your home stand out during the holidays, try sprucing up your garage door with festive touch decals and garage door magnets! Whether you go for a subtle take or an eye-catching display of holiday cheer, these garage door exterior decorations can be easily purchased both online and in stores – giving you endless possibilities to create something special.


Give your driveway a cheerful upgrade this winter with the addition of a snowman face! All it takes is some construction paper, painter’s tape, and an optional bow to make you smile each time you pull up.


  • With just two large circles of black construction paper, together with eight smaller rounds to form a happy smiley face, you can create an eye-catching image that’s sure to put smiles on faces!
  • Create a unique and fun carrot nose by cutting out an oversized triangle shape from orange construction paper!
  • Cut a hat shape out of black construction paper.
  • Create a friendly face on the garage door by taping shapes together to create eyes, a nose, and an inviting smile!
  • Secure your hat with a bow at an eye-catching slant in the corner of your garage door!
  • Get creative with your snowman this winter! Show off your craftsmanship and add an extra flair by including a bowtie.


Welcome the holiday season with an enchanting light show projected directly onto your garage door! From snowflakes to reindeer, you can choose from designs that will fill your home with festive decor. Shop around and find a projector perfect for you – they come in at prices starting as low as $20!

Brighten up your home and create an unforgettable holiday decor scene with these innovative garage door decoration ideas by Raleigh’s garage door repair experts! Before you begin, make sure that your garage door is in optimal condition for the project. With a little extra effort, you can transform it into something truly special this season.

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