7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Garage Door Security

Most of us think that burglars try to enter our homes through the front or back door.  On the contrary, 9% prefer to enter through the garage instead.  This fact is an eye-opener that makes you focus doubly on garage door security.

Thieves mainly prefer the garage as the entry point because it is a separate portion of the house, often left unmonitored. They can easily park their vehicle up to the garage door, stack the stolen items, and scoot off while making it seem as if they are just leaving the house. The garage offers ample space for collecting the stolen stuff as they move around.

After reading the above, you must indeed take all precautions to secure your garage door by following any of the ways listed below.

1. Install a strong lock and security system for your garage door

To start with, let us secure your garage door with a strong garage lock like a mortise lock or deadbolt. In addition, install a smart garage security system for extra protection. 

Install a smart opener with a video monitor for your garage door to help you monitor the activity and restrict unwanted visitors. This WiFi-enabled opener can be operated using a smartphone 24×7 and this gives you enormous peace of mind.

Consult your trusted garage specialist on the choice of automatic garage door openers and get them fitted professionally.

2. Fit an automatic door closer to your garage door.

Garage Security 101 – Never leave your garage door unsecured. Most of us think the door bangs shut while we leave, but does it? To enforce this rule, fit an automatic door closer by calling the garage door repair experts. This closer will automatically close your garage door after each use. This way, there will never again have been any worries or concerns about leaving home with everything hanging out while someone was watching over things at night time

3. Secure all the windows

Some of us use our garage as a storage space or recreational space in addition to parking our vehicles. We install windows to let natural light into the garage but these garage door windows are the entry doors for would-be burglars.

Secure the garage windows with smart locks as a security measure. Apply a frosted film to prevent potential burglars from taking a peep into your garage. This privacy film is a safety measure that will minimize unnecessary risk.

Install motion sensor lights in your garage

Bright lights in a garage will keep potential thieves at bay.  No burglar would want to prowl about in a garage that has automatic lights turning on as he moves. So, make use of the light cover in your garage to prevent thefts and break-ins.

Spare no effort in bathing your garage with a burst of light. Fit outdoor lights, floodlights,  and lights with motion sensors both inside and outside your garage for maximum protection.

Remember, a motion sensor light is a basic minimum for a secured garage. Call a garage door company and get them installed immediately.

Install security cameras and alarms

Use smart technology to upgrade your garage door security. Install security cameras to monitor the entry and exit doors. A motion-activated camera and alarm system can help in alerting law enforcement officials in the case of a burglar entry.

Keep the garage door remote in an inaccessible place

The garage door remote is a great tool for burglars to mess with. Store it in an area that only you will be able to find while away from home so they can’t take advantage of its power!

Repair or replace locks and latches

Professional thieves have a knack for picking even complex locks with a simple tool like a wire coat hanger.  Avoid this by replacing redundant locks with the latest ones. Replace mechanical locks with smart locks and safety latches. Call a professional garage door repair expert to inspect and replace them from time to time. You can even think of replacing your existing door with a strong metal garage door for extra security.

A secure garage needs extra layers of protection in addition to just a strong door or a heavy lock. Follow the above steps to increase your garage door security and prevent vulnerable entry to your home. Call Tip Top Garage Door Repair Raleigh at (704) 313 0023 for all your garage door needs.