6 Typical Garage Door Issues

Garage doors are a complex amalgamation of several components. Since we use garage doors frequently, they are subject to routine wear and tear. Given the complexity, weight, and intricacy of the structure, you need an expert to look into your garage door’s repair and maintenance. Below is a list of six common garage door issues you may face.

1. Dead transmitter batteries

Opening and closing the garage doors with a simple push of a button has made our lives so comfortable that we take this automation for granted. The panic hits people when the garage door does not open. You may notice that the door tracks and springs are in alignment and well lubricated. Yet, the garage door may need to be manually pushed open. With an increase in the number of automatic and transmitter-controlled garage doors, one needs to replace the batteries at least once in two years. Some of the battery-operated garage door openers require reprogramming. A garage door technician can fix the problem and reset keypads in no time.

2. Misaligned door tracks

Garage doors are subjected to wear and tear. Despite regular upkeep, garage doors can go off track. Rollers that go off track can pose a severe threat to the door’s structural integrity, leading to damage and the garage door collapse. Garage doors that do not open or shut efficiently are a safety hazard. It is essential to get to the root cause of the problem when a garage door goes off-track. At times, you may want to upgrade your worn-out guide wheels to quieter and more efficient nylon wheels. Garage door experts will save you the cost of replacing the entire door by understanding the root cause of the issue.

3. Rust on garage doors

The garage is an important structure that adds to the beauty of your property. But, rust can make the door look worn out. Rust corrosion makes the door unusable. Rust impedes the functioning of guide wheels and rollers. Rusting of the springs, bolts, and hinges can cause worry and a safety hazard. You can apply vinegar, which is a natural dissolver of rust. But a fresh coat of primer and paint not only solves the problem of rusting but also gives your garage a new look. A garage door expert can help you with a customized solution that fits your budget.

4. Malfunctioning springs and cables

Is the garage door making a squeaky noise as you open it? If yes, then it will help if you check on the springs and cables. Broken springs and worn-out cables are the most common garage door problem people face. It is important to remember that springs and cables are under high tension. If they collapse, then they may cause fatal accidents and expensive repairs. The friction caused due to continuous use can cause the cables to snap. Additionally, rust formation can corrode the springs. The garage door’s slightest misalignment can also cause enormous amounts of stress on the springs and cables. Timely lubrication, maintenance, repairs, and replacements are the most potent solutions for malfunctioning springs and cables. Since broken springs and cables can cause fatal accidents, contacting experienced technicians is advisable.

5. Photo-eye issues

Photo-eye sensors are a pair of small boxes that will keep the door from closing if it senses any potential obstruction. It helps check the photo eye sensors if, despite durable springs and cables, the garage door is not closing. Dust and misalignment can lead to malfunctioning of the sensors. Since photo sensors are sensitive, repairing the flickering LED lights and realigning the sensors involves expertise and precision.

6. Old garage doors and components

Garage doors tend to become old and outdated due to wear and tear. A nagging issue that many people face is the safe disposal of old garage doors and their components. The repair and replacement services of a reputed garage door company include transportation and disposal of old, worn-out garage doors and structures.
While garage door problems are common, fiddling with repair work without expert guidance can be harmful. It can cause further damage to yourself and the door. Get in touch with a reliable garage door company like Tip Top Garage Doors Raleigh at 919-701-3003.