How To Align Garage Door Sensors?

Garage doors provide an important entrance for both homes and businesses. sensors help to prevent accidents, but they’re not always able when something goes wrong with the installation of your garage door sensor system. If your garage door sensor malfunctions, we recommend Durham residents contact our garage door repair company technicians in Raleigh immediately! Aligning … Read more

How To Change A Garage Door Code In 4 Easy Steps?

With the growing number of carjackings and other crimes in our society, many homeowners have turned to automatic garage doors for their protection. These products come equipped with everything from a garage door opener, to a garage door keypad all-inclusive remote control so you can open it up when needed without struggling against limited hand … Read more

Garage Door Decorative Hardware Guidelines

Garage doors are often seen as an essential part of the home, but do you know how important their condition really is? A poorly maintained or inefficient garage door can make your house look outdated and unprofessional. One of the most common features to be upgraded in homes today is their traditional garage door design … Read more

How Much Value Does A Garage Door Add To Your Home?

Classic homes always come with a beautiful and upscale garage. City homes come with attached garages or suburban homes with detached garages, Yes, a garage is a must for all residential and commercial properties, especially stand-alone units. Potential buyers of houses look at a garage as an extended part of their home. They use it … Read more

Salt Stains On The Garage Floor

During the winter, your garage protects your vehicle from ice and snow, as well as prevents frost from forming on your windshield. You can easily pull out of your garage without worrying about your radiator freezing if you keep your garage door in good repair. The winter, on the other hand, can wreak havoc on … Read more