7 Easy Ways to Increase Your Garage Door Security

Most of us think that burglars try to enter our homes through the front or back door.  On the contrary, 9% prefer to enter through the garage instead.  This fact is an eye-opener that makes you focus doubly on garage door security. Thieves mainly prefer the garage as the entry point because it is a … Read more

Are Electric Remote Control Garage Doors Secure?

You may use your garage for parking vehicles or as a storage or recreational space.  Whatever be the use, you must always focus on garage door safety.   A garage door is the most vulnerable entry point of a house and one that thieves easily use. Even if you have detached garages, they provide easy access … Read more

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season

Garages are exposed to damage during heavy rain. If the water isn’t properly removed, it may lead to costly repair later on, so take these precautions as recommended by experts at our professional garage door company. Whether you’re living in Raleigh, Charlotte, or elsewhere across the country, rain typically comes with a good amount of … Read more

Reliable Garage Door Security Systems for Smart Homes

The latest generation of smart garage door openers not only simplify life but also improve home security in ways that you never thought were possible. Smart garage door security systems are the best way to secure your home. The latest models of smart garage door security systems have a variety of features that make them … Read more

Benefits of Garage Door Insulation

Garage Doors Insulation Benefits

A faulty door of the garage requires fast garage door services as it is dangerous and inconveniencing. A professional garage company can install an insulated door or insulate an existing door. With insulated doors, you can avail of the following benefits: Noise reduction An insulated door of the garage blocks the noise from within and … Read more

Interesting Garage Type Ideas

Are you searching for quality affordable garage door services in Raleigh NC and surrounding areas? We are professional garage door service providers that will put an end to your search! At Tip Top Garage Doors, our mission is to ensure that garage owners have access to timely door services delivered by skilled technicians at competitive … Read more

3 Ways to Insulate Your Garage

Garage insulation regulates home temperature, extends door lifespan, and blocks noise. Here are 3 ways to insulate your garage per our reliable garage agency. 1. Batt insulation Batt insulation is a great idea for a garage with visible studs and joists from the interior. In this case, the batts are parallel to the studs and … Read more

4 Steps for Cleaning a Flooded Garage

Garages can get flooded due to broken drainage pipes, storms, or heavy rains. Flooding within the garage can cause damage to valuable property stored in it including the car, vehicle accessories, machinery, and other equipment. The flooding can also cause structural damage to your house. Therefore, you should take immediate action to deal with a … Read more

Garage Door Opener Remote Tips

When your garage door fails to open or close, the problem might lie with the garage remote. Here are some tips for fixing faulty garage door opener remotes. Tips for Fixing Garage Door Opener Remotes It is advisable to know some tips for a garage door opener remote for accurate identification of the problem and … Read more

Simple Garage Door Troubleshooting Advice

Your garage door may malfunction due to issues that you can fix without having to call for technical assistance. Here is some simple troubleshooting advice. Troubleshooting Garage Problems If your garage door is not properly working, be sure to follow these expert recommendations from our  professional garage company.We have offered advice depending on the type … Read more