Reliable Garage Door Security Systems for Smart Homes

The latest generation of smart garage door openers not only simplify life but also improve home security in ways that you never thought were possible.

Smart garage door security systems are the best way to secure your home. The latest models of smart garage door security systems have a variety of features that make them more reliable and easier to use than ever before. These new, advanced technologies will keep you safe while also making life at home much more convenient. You’ll never need to worry about forgetting your keys again.

It’s so easy! All you need is a smartphone and access to Wi-Fi or cellular data service from any carrier to be connected 24/7. MyQ Technology enables all the safety features that are required for the security of your home in your smartphone. You can even monitor activity with live video streaming capabilities for peace of mind when away from home.

What is MyQ? 

MyQ is the Chamberlain/LiftMaster smart garage door opener system. MyQ allows you to open and close your garage remotely. MyQ allows you to receive notifications when your garage door opens or closes, as well as when there are issues with your MyQ enabled device.

MyQ also allows you to:

  • Control MyQ devices from MyQ mobile and MyQ apps for Apple Watch
  • Receive custom notifications so you know what’s happening with your MyQ devices.
  • Quickly send a command to MyQ devices in the event of an emergency
  • MyQ app allows you to monitor and control multiple MyQ enabled garage door openers and MyQ devices. 
  • View MyQ devices that are in Home or Away mode so you can be sure the garage door is closed but also monitor if there has been activity at the MyQ device location
  • See when MyQ devices were last used, including when the MyQ device was armed and disarmed
  • Dim MyQ devices to save energy

The compatible MyQ-enabled products include the MyQ Garage Door Controller, the MyQ Motion Sensor, the MyQ Lighting Control, the MyQ Smart Switch, and the MyQ Water Leak Sensor. The MyQ app is available for free for Apple iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth LE and app stores.

MyQ technology works with new and existing garage opener systems. Homeowners can control their garage door from anywhere, at any time. It is easy to set up, syncs with smart devices, and is compatible with over 30 brands. This technology is widely available from Lowe’s and other retailers.

Some of the most installed smart home brands include Honeywell, LG, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Linear, Kwikset, Pelco by Schneider Electric/Legrand, and Skylink. Residential customers can research smart devices for their garage with a new home build or remodel.

For existing homes, MyQ installs in minutes and is compatible with 30+ brands. For a new home build or remodel, contact a professional to install the device.

The most common smart openers are hardwired versions because they require power at all times so they can operate the door even when the outside electricity goes out. For homeowners who want to make their garage smart, this is a great option! However, it does require professional installation, which can be expensive. The good news is that these devices are guaranteed for life!

Your garage door opener can now do a whole lot more! The latest generation of smart openers not only simplify life but also improve home security in ways you never thought possible.

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