Garage Door Decorative Hardware Guidelines

Garage doors are often seen as an essential part of the home, but do you know how important their condition really is? A poorly maintained or inefficient garage door can make your house look outdated and unprofessional. One of the most common features to be upgraded in homes today is their traditional garage door design options as they not only allow you access into your car but also for how beautiful and functional they can make our homes look!

In this blog, garage door repair company experts in Raleigh highlight the importance of investing in perfect garage door decorative hardware, what commercial garage door style options you have, and how you can expand the lifespan of your hardware.

Investing In Decorative Garage Door Hardware?

The curb appeal of your home is often a hot topic when selling or making improvements to the property you plan on staying in. Decorative hardware for garage doors is an easy way to spruce up your house and make it look more special. It’s all about how you present yourself on the street!

Decorative garage door hardware is a great way to add character and make your home stand out. When you’re looking for the perfect accessory, check out our wide variety of garage doors, a variety of styles, a variety of colors, a wide range of dynamic garage door materials, and sizes that will match any style from traditional homes to modernistic ones!

Making your custom garage door look spic and span can increase the value of your home, especially if you’re thinking about selling. You may want to invest in these improvements for multiple reasons including making a great first impression on potential buyers or because it will be an easy way to get started with investing some money back into yourself!

Your Decorative Hardware Options

Make sure the materials or accessories you choose for your modern garage door highlight the design of your house. In order to facilitate a seamless installation process, decorative door hardware is created to resemble the appearance of practical, functional pieces. They can be found everywhere, from individual button knockers on your front porch to qualified garage door hinges and modern garage door openers.

Strap Hinges & Latches

The garage door should still look functional even if you are adding decorative hardware. Make sure the hinges and latches are on either side of your car, at upper-top or bottom level (depending) with corresponding lengths so they can hold it open without being too short for safety reasons!

Pull Handle & Ring Pulls

The pull handles or ring pulls are an excellent way to add both beauty and functionality. They serve their purpose by providing leverage for opening garage doors, but they also look great doing so! If you have an open-carriage style of doors then it is recommended that these pieces be installed in pairs so as not to conflict with one another when opened fully width-wise. These should always sit just above shoulder height on any given driveway – never lower than this distance depending upon where there’s space available!


Clavos, which are tiny decorative nails, can be used to complete your garage door. They’re perfect for adding an elegant touch without being too flashy, like on the left side! The ring pulls in the center and also has some decorative pieces so they’ll match nicely with any decorating style of yours – whether simple or luxurious looking like this one here.

Regular Garage Door Maintenance & Care

it’s easy to take your garage door accessories for granted and they can quickly become outdated if you don’t maintain them. Here are some of our tips by our Raleigh garage door repair service experts to expand your hardware lifespan:

  • Inspect the hinges and handles to make sure they’re tight.
  • To keep your garage door in good shape, use mild detergent and a soft cloth to clean away any dirt or residue.
  • Always work from the bottom to the top.
  • Heavy machinery is never needed to remove dirt. A low-pressure sprayer or garden hose will do the trick just fine!

Other Accessories of Garage To Consider

When it comes time to enhance the look of your garage, don’t forget these other accessories.

Specialty Glass

Specialty glass is an excellent way to add character and beauty while also ensuring that you have the utmost security for your home. It comes in four different classic styles – hammered, seeding, or frosted- which will be perfect depending on what look(s)you want for any given situation!

Door Stops & Door Jambs

If you’re looking for a way to make your garage door last longer, adding stops and jamb frames will be surety. A stop protects the bottom of our doors from wear and tear as we open them up over time; while jambs provide protection inside against pests like bugs or leaves that might find their way into these crevices!

Make your new residential garage door a valuable asset and watch the value of your home skyrocket. For garage door installation, garage door replacement, or garage door repair, contact garage door repair experts from Tip Top Garage Doors Raleigh at (919) 701-3003.