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The Essentials of Garage Door Installation

A residential garage door is an essential component of any home. It provides robust security by keeping intruders and thieves out, as well as helping to keep warm inside during cold weather. Garage doors are available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Some garage doors are constructed of steel, while others are constructed of wood. The majority of garage doors are made of metal, but wooden garage doors are also available.

Garage doors are typically hinged, allowing them to swing open and closed. Garage doors are classified into two types: single-panel and sectional. Single-panel garage doors have only one panel and are the most affordable type of garage door. When opened, sectional garage doors are made up of multiple panels that slide together. Each panel slides in its own track, allowing the entire door to be raised and lowered. These sections are then joined together with hinges to make it easier to open and close the door.

With so many different design elements, colors, and finishes to choose from, purchasing a garage door may come down to personal preference. Installation of garage doors will make a good impression on serious buyers; buyers aren’t just interested in looks. When a buyer buys a house, all aspects of the house are inspected to ensure safety, utility costs, and security, all of which are qualities of garage doors.

If you have an automatic garage door installed, you can stay in your car until you’re out or get inside your garage; you don’t have to get out of your car before closing or opening your garage door. In bad weather, you won’t have to get out of your car to close or open your garage doors.

Tip Top Garage Doors Raleigh - Garage Door Installation in Raleigh, NC
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Because it eliminates the stress of carrying the heavy garage door, an automatic garage door provides automated easy access. Lifting garage doors up and down may be difficult for people with muscle strain, so a garage door opener can be used to easily access the door.

A professional garage door installation will drastically improve the curb appeal of your home. When you install a high-quality garage door, you increase the value of your home. Our Raleigh garage door installer experts can get this job done with ease and at an affordable cost. So for your next garage door replacement or improvement project in the Raleigh area, check the leader in the North Carolina garage door industry, Tip Top Garage Doors. 


Garage Door Installation Process

Our garage door service men have the relevant professional installer training and have gone through the installation manual. Our repair crew always wear safety glasses, and safety eyewear, and has the necessary tools and expertise in handling different garage door materials and types of garage doors. 

  1. Attach weatherstripping to the garage door’s bottom edge.
  2. To fasten the weatherstripping to the door, screw cable brackets on.
  3. To attach hinges to the garage door’s bottom panel, use an impact driver.
  4. In the garage doorway, place the bottom door panel on the ground.
  5. Install rollers into the door’s mounting brackets.
  6. Install rollers into the track, position the track next to the door, and fasten the track to the doorway frame using screws.
  7. The second door panel should be hinged.
  8. In the doorway, place the second panel on top of the first panel.
  9. To connect the first (bottom) door panel to the second panel, use drive-in hinge screws.
  10. The hinge and roller should be inserted into the track before being fastened to the second door panel.
  11. Before screwing the track to the wall framing, make sure it is parallel to the door.
  12. In a similar way, install the third door panel.
  13. After adjusting the track so that the door fits snugly, use a ratchet wrench to tighten the lag screws.
  14. Curved corner tracks are used to join vertical and horizontal railway sections.
  15. The door panel should be positioned on top and fastened with hinge screws.
  16. The top rollers and hinges are screwed on.
  17. Hook the door-track bracket with the garage door spring.
  18. After opening the door, secure locking pliers to the track to keep it open.
  19. Steel cable should be fed over the pulleys at the track’s end and fastened to a bracket.
  20. S-hook the bracket and clip the hook to the track.
  21. To link the safety cable to the brackets, feed it through the center of each spring.
  22. To gauge the strain, open and shut the door.

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Why is it necessary for your garage door installation project to be handled by a reliable garage door service provider?

  • Installing a garage door is not a simple task. Many people may find this process tedious and exhausting. As a result, it is always preferable to hire a garage door installation service team such as Tip Top Garage Doors to do the job.
  • Garage door installation necessitates meticulous attention to detail. Laying the tracks and loading the pulleys must be done correctly. Only a licensed installer, such as Tip Top Garage Doors, can handle this with precision.
  • Several garage door issues may arise during garage door installation. For example, an old gate opener that you want to reuse may not be compatible with the new stylish garage door. Rollers can become stuck at times, and garage springs can lose their springiness. Only specialists from a garage door company with experience in classic doors and complex entry doors, such as Tip Top Garage Doors, can handle these issues without stress.
  • Special tools are required for garage door installation, which you may not have. Purchasing a garage door kit and tools is an unnecessary expenditure. Garage door installation companies have all of the necessary tools. Tip Top Garage Doors has the necessary skills and tools to complete the job.

Installation of garage doors necessitates both caution and patience. Accidents occur frequently when installing garage doors. Fingers may be pinched while adjusting the hinges, and if the glass shatters, your hands or legs may be cut. If the garage door safety sensors fail and the doors jam on you, your bones could break.

Avoid such risks by contacting the garage door installation experts in Raleigh for a safe and dependable garage installation service, contact Tip Top Garage Doors Raleigh at 919-701-3003.

We also offer garage door repair services in Raleigh, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact a garage door service provider like Tip Top Garage Doors to execute your garage door installation job in Raleigh with precision.

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