4 Causes For A Broken Garage Door Cable

Is your garage door acting up? It could be due to a faulty cable. Knowing the cause of this issue is critical in order to determine whether you need a garage door cable repair or replacement After all, those moving parts are working hard for you day after day and can gradually wear down over time!

Here’s why your cable may have broken and how you can solve the problem as, explained by Raleigh garage door repair company experts from a reputed garage door company.

Working Of A Garage Cable

To ensure your garage door operates smoothly, it’s important to correctly use the safety cables that support its movement. These steel wires are wound around drums and help raise and lower the door when you press the button or pull on a cord!

Garage door cables are usually engineered with durability and strength in mind! They feature a sophisticated woven braid design that is crafted using long strands of metal – the more strands, the stronger your cable will be. Residential garage doors are designed with a total of 7-9 metal strands for additional strength, while commercial doors feature an increased level of sturdiness thanks to 13-17 interlocking metal components.

Thicker cables can provide extra strength, but you’ll need to consider their lack of elasticity and the capacity for larger drums. Weighing up your options is key when picking the best type of cable.

Why do Garage Door Cables Break?

Garage door cables are incredibly resilient and can withstand constant everyday use. Despite their robustness, however, wear and tear over time will inevitably cause them to break down.

The majority of garage door openers work hard day in and day out and signal the cables to open and close your door. As those wires gain or lose uneven tension while rubbing against the drum, they become susceptible to wear caused by metal erosion over time – so it’s important you give them a regular check-up!

With regular use, the modern garage door cable breaks and causes common issues in the garage. If only a few wires have broken off, the cable might still be safe – but why risk it? Fixing the issue promptly is essential for providing optimal security!

Is your cable starting to act up? Here are a few possible explanations by our garage door technicians for why it might be happening.

1. Damaged Pulleys

Your garage door is composed of many moving parts, and when one begins to fail it can affect the entire system. Damaged pulleys are frequently responsible for broken cables – an issue that requires immediate attention!

Preventative maintenance on pulleys is essential to keep your cables functioning. When garage door damage happens, extra friction is created which can wear away the metal strands, causing the garage door cable snaps- however, if spotted quickly it shouldn’t be a potential issue!

2. Poor Garage Door Spring Installation

Your automatic garage door springs are an integral part of keeping your vehicle safely in and out. With proper installation, you can rely on these metallic coils to provide the extra tension needed for a smooth operation – any error could be hazardous! Make sure yours is set up by an expert so that it’s safe and secure.

If not installed correctly, the extension springs & overhead torsion springs in a garage door system can become overwhelmed by everyday use. This could lead to cables slipping out of place and snapping or cause your professional garage door to open askew – which nobody wants!

It’s important to get expert help when dealing with broken springs, as they can be dangerous if not properly installed or worn out. When the extension spring snaps under pressure it could potentially fly long distances due to its constant tension – creating a serious safety risk that should only be handled by garage door professionals.

3. Misaligned Garage Door Track

Prolonged overhead doors use can cause misalignments that have a ripple effect on other parts of the safety mechanism, such as heavy cables and springs. If these become damaged, it could mean costly repairs in the future – so be sure to keep an eye out for any signs of shifting!

A misaligned garage door can be much more than just an eyesore. If left unattended for too long, its hardware such as hinges and bolts may become damaged – so it’s important to stay vigilant in keeping your door straightened out!

4. Wear and Tear

The wear and tear on garage door springs can be relentless over time – frequent use, as well as friction from drums – all add up. Regular inspections are a must for ensuring the garage cables remain unharmed!

Regular maintenance is key to ensuring your garage door continues working safely and efficiently. Inspect it twice a year, keeping an eye out for any visible damage or malfunctioning parts that may otherwise cause garage door cable problems down the line. A broken cable failure can be particularly troublesome; look over yours regularly in order to spot issues quickly and keep your family safe!

If you notice any damage or malfunction, it’s time to reach out to overhead garage door repair service professionals from Tip Top Garage Door Repair Raleigh. They know how important quality and reliability are when it comes to garage door repairs; that’s why they strive for excellence in their work – so your peace of mind can last even longer!

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