Garage Door Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season

Garages are exposed to damage during heavy rain. If the water isn’t properly removed, it may lead to costly repair later on, so take these precautions as recommended by experts at our professional garage door company.

Whether you’re living in Raleigh, Charlotte, or elsewhere across the country, rain typically comes with a good amount of downpour. Keeping your umbrella and boots close by is always an option to shield yourself from any weather that may come your way but it’s not just people who need protection-garage doors are as vulnerable to this all too common issue.

Garages can be susceptible when exposed for long periods due to exposure during heavy rains; if water isn’t properly removed then things like mold growth, rusting metal parts will have ample opportunity to build up. It may lead to costly repairs later on so make sure you take these precautions!

In the meantime, keep these things in mind for your next rainy season:

  1. Check for leaks

One of the most common issues that may arise from a build-up of water is leaks and if you’re not on the lookout for it, this will cause even further damage down the road. Holes caused by rainwater can be a result of rusting metal parts or opened joints; any leaks should be resolved immediately to prevent additional damage. We’ll come over to you with our truck that has the parts needed to fix it and also provide advice on how to prevent future leaks.

  1. Clean your garage door regularly

Garage doors are subjected to a lot of weather elements such as wind, rain, and snow, so for it to last long, it needs proper maintenance. Make sure that you wipe it down now and then; this way you get rid of any dirt or debris that may be on its surface. Using a microfiber cloth to gently scrub the door will also help eliminate oils and other grime. A water-based cleaner is ideal for cleaning your garage door’s exterior since using oil-based ones can potentially damage your garage door’s paint. Using a spray bottle to clean your garage doors may be convenient since you can easily do it while on the go, but to get rid of debris more efficiently, you should use a microfiber cloth.

  1. Store your bikes and other items properly

It is advisable that you keep valuables inside your garage or house rather than leaving them out in the open. When it comes to bikes, you could place those on the wall using a special tire hanger or even a bike rack so that they don’t get damaged with water and rusting. Bikes can be placed on shelves so that they’re away from moisture but if you have limited space, there are also bike storage racks that can be placed under the stairs or to the side of your garage.

  1. Use a hose for quick cleaning

In case you don’t have time to clean your garage door all in one go, then using a garden hose is an advantage since it’s available 24/7 and you can quickly remove dirt and debris from your door. If your garage has an attached driveway then make sure to use a hose on it as well so that both will be free of contaminants and water.

There are a few things you can do to maintain the garage doors. The first thing is to check your gutters and make sure they’re clear of debris. They could clog them up, redirecting water away from the garage door area. If there’s an accumulation of leaves or other material on top of the roof, clean it off – any extra weight will cause more strain on the door opener system. You should also be vigilant about cleaning out dirt and mud before heavy rains so as not to expose your doors for long periods without thoroughly removing all standing water afterward. Finally, make sure you have plenty of room around your carport when parking to allow enough space for a runoff if rain occurs while opening or closing the door – otherwise, those areas will become a pond when it rains.

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