Garage Door Opener Remote Tips

When your garage door fails to open or close, the problem might lie with the garage remote. Here are some tips for fixing faulty garage door opener remotes.

Tips for Fixing Garage Door Opener Remotes

It is advisable to know some tips for a garage door opener remote for accurate identification of the problem and possible solution. Our  professional garage agency has been repairing remotes for 10+ years. Our expert offers some expert tips.

Check the wall push button

The problem may be with the remote or the garage. If your garage door fails to respond to the command given through the remote, check the wall push button to ascertain the source of the problem. If the door opens or closes when you press the button on the wall, the problem lies solely with the remote. Proceed with other tips below to resolve the problem or call us to fix the remote.

Check and replace the battery

When the garage door opener remote starts acting up, it is usually because of a failed battery. Therefore, use a screwdriver to remove the single screw securing the back of the remote.  Or, push it with the thumb if there is no screw. You need to remove the battery and replace it with a new one.

Test the remote control

After you replace the battery, test the remote control. Use a ladder to access the garage door motor and locate the ‘Learn’ button. Next to the learn button is a tiny LED light that flashes when pressed. Press the learn button until the LED light flashes. Then, press the remote control. If the opener lights flash on and off, the remote control is properly functioning. However, this might be a complicated process. Contact garage experts to accurately identify the source of the problem and repair it.

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