How Much Value Does A Garage Door Add To Your Home?

Classic homes always come with a beautiful and upscale garage. City homes come with attached garages or suburban homes with detached garages, Yes, a garage is a must for all residential and commercial properties, especially stand-alone units.

Potential buyers of houses look at a garage as an extended part of their home. They use it for not just parking vehicles but as an office, work, or recreational space. So, when they undertake a remodeling project for their home, they also redo the garage. Yet when they think of garage door replacement, they wish to know what value it adds. In short, what is the return on investment they get? explains our Raleigh garage door repair specialist.

6 Useful Means to upgrade your home value using a garage door

A garage door can improve your home resale value by:

Increasing curb appeal

Prospective buyers look at the facade of a home before buying. They also look at the garage exterior. Even if the house has a luxurious appearance, a worn-out door of the garage can ruin its look. Instead, if you replace the door, not only your garage but also your home will have a new look with increased curb appeal.

The clean appearance of your door adds at least 25% more to the home aesthetically besides being a wise investment at resale.

Strengthening security

Often, a garage door acts as an easy entry point for intruders and thieves. so, the old door of your garage will just pose a security threat for you and the house.

Changing the door of your garage gives you an opportunity to strengthen the security of the house. Your old door might not have a garage door opener or a security system. It might lack safety sensors, alarms, or surveillance cameras. Use your garage door improvement project as a step to strengthen the safety features of the garage and home. Install the latest security system and surveillance equipment to protect your home. Adding such security features will only increase the resale value of your home.

Adding insulation

Was your garage door insulated earlier? If not, change it at once to an insulated one. An insulated garage door will protect your garage interiors from climatic variations. It also prevents the external temperature from affecting the ambient temperature of the garage. Thus, it cuts down on heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. Not having to spend money on heating or cooling, in turn, reduces your energy bills. ​​This energy efficiency will also improve your cost at resale.

If your garage door was insulated, check its insulation layer for wear and tear. If necessary, replace the door with one having double-layer insulation.

Protecting garage interiors

Weather sealing is not just to make your garage door energy-efficient or to protect it from inclement weather. It also keeps dust, dirt, and debris from entering the garage space.

If you want your garage to be used as a storage space, you must keep it safe from rodents and reptiles. Having a tight weather seal around the door helps in preventing these creatures from entering your garage.

When you do a garage door replacement, you can opt for a new door with better weatherstripping and insulation type. This will ensure the safety of your garage from external agents and extreme temperatures.

Reduced repairs and better maintenance

An old garage door can cause you trouble often. It might need constant upkeep. and frequent repairs. This will increase your average cost of maintenance. Instead, if you install a brand new garage door, you will incur a one-time cost but get better ROI at resale.

Upgrade your garage door

When you bought your house, it might have had a single-car garage. Now, with time, you have more cars and need a 2-car garage or an attached three-car garage with extra space.

When you opt for a new door, you can make changes and upgrade the garage too. Bring in additional space by changing the architectural style of the garage. Change the garage door style to operate with more vehicles. This additional investment will only earn you more at the home resale.

When you plan to install a new garage door, go all out and make it a worthy investment. Change the garage door design, color combination, security features, etc. Use high-quality materials and finishes by a garage door repair expert in Raleigh.

Make your new garage door a valuable asset and watch it increase the value of your home multifold. Call a professional garage door expert from Tip Top Garage Doors Raleigh at (919)701-3003 for installation or repair.