Simple Garage Door Troubleshooting Advice

Your garage door may malfunction due to issues that you can fix without having to call for technical assistance. Here is some simple troubleshooting advice.

Troubleshooting Garage Problems

If your garage door is not properly working, be sure to follow these expert recommendations from our  professional garage company.We have offered advice depending on the type of problem your garage door may be having.

Garage Opener Starts Opening, Then Reverts Back

Sometimes, the garage will begin to open, but pause or even close. This can be annoying since the door needs to be fully open for you to enter or exit the garage. In most cases, this is caused by obstruction on the safety sensors. Check the safety sensors and remove any dirt or other objects that might be blocking them. The indicator lights must steadily glow. If not, contact a garage agency for repair services as the problems may be complex and more complicated than originally assumed.

New Garage Door Jerking

A new door should smoothly open and close. If the garage starts jerking or making awkward motions, you have a problem. Jerking issues may be caused by improper door installation. You do not have to panic. Try open and closing the door manually. It may jerk because it has not been used much before. If the problem persists, call a garage company to ensure that your door is correctly installed.

Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors sometimes creak and make unusual noises when you open or close them. This is not natural. Even if the noise isn’t irritating, it needs to be fixed. The solution is to lubricate the movable door parts to eliminate noise when opening and closing the door.

Garage Door Services in Cary NC  

Did you know that professional garage door services are available today in Cary NC? We are present in Cary ensuring that garage owners get quality door services delivered at their home or office. Cary is situated in Wake County and partially in Chatham County.

Cary is one of the best places to live as well as set a business in. This town has a hilly topography that provides breathtaking scenery to residents and visitors. Weekends in Cary start on a high note, thanks to the presence of numerous clubs that offer thrilling nightlife with entertainment and a cocktail lounge. Cary is generally a safe place as it has been ranked among the cities and towns with the lowest crime rate. Tip Top Garage Doors is determined to reduce the crime rate to zero through timely
garage door services in Cary.

Cary is situated in a humid subtropical climate zone marked by mildly cold winters and hot summers. Extreme change of seasons affects all types of garage doors leading to malfunction if timely services are not guaranteed. Also, the town is prone to hurricanes and tropical storms that may leave a trail of destruction. We have carefully evaluated these factors and put in place a 24-hour emergency response team that is always on high alert to attend to our customers’ calls for door repairs. We establish long-term relationships with garage owners for preventive maintenance services.

Cary has been rated as the seventh-largest municipality in North Carolina and is home to a multitude of residents and businesses. This has increased the demand for residential and commercial doors in this beautiful hilly town.

Tip Top Garage Doors is a professional garage agency providing garage door repair in Cary. Contact us now for:

  • Installation  services
  • Comprehensive repair services
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Replacement services
  • Quality yet affordable services
  • Free consultation
  • Fast service delivery

Give us a call at 919-701-3003 or fill out the form for  garage door repair in Raleigh and surrounding areas such as Cary.