5 Retailers to Buy a Garage Door From

The time has come for you to buy a garage door. When you decide to, there is a high chance of you getting confused. Should I make my garage door? Should I look for a garage door brand? Or is there a local retailer from whom I can get my garage door? The last option is the best always as your retailer is known to you and one whom you buy from, regularly. Our garage door technicians can help you decide on the best retailers.

What are the top retailers from whom you can buy garage doors?

Check out the top U.S. retailers who offer custom and readymade garage doors.

  • The Home Depot

According to a Bank of America survey, 64% of the millennials gave Home Depot as their top choice for home improvement needs. And they are right. The Home Depot has a wide selection of garage doors that are ready to ship to your home right away. These include single, double, carriage, classic, and custom garage doors. The garage doors come with and without insulation. 

At Home Depot, you can design your garage door with their door selector tool. Choose from the various color and style options, select your size and material, and get the door at your doorstep quickly. The Home Depot team fabricates and delivers the door to your home itself.

The other advantage of buying from The Home Depot is that they provide you with all the garage door accessories as well. From garage door openers to parts like seal kits and torsion or extension springs, everything is available at the Home Depot. What’s more, The Home Depot has licensed installers to fit your garage door and you can have it insured too. They even repair or service your garage door at affordable costs. These are the reasons why most people prefer to buy garage doors from Home Depot.

  • Lowes

Lowes is another retailer that sells readymade garage doors. But their range is limited. They offer only single or double garage doors with or without windows. The garage doors they offer are in aluminum or steel. The brand options for garage doors too are limited at Lowes as they deal with only brands like Wayne Dalton or Frenchporte. However, the advantage of buying at Lowes is you get garage doors of assured quality and service. Lowes offers installation and repair services for garage doors and has a professional team to do this job.

  • Walmart

They say you can get anything and everything at Walmart. And that is true. You do get garage doors at Walmart. But the options are limited when it comes to accessories like garage door openers, springs, and cables. Walmart has enough of everything. So you can always try Walmart for garage doors as you do your grocery shopping and might be lucky enough to get the best deal too! 

  • Sam’s Club

Who thought Sam’s Club deals with Garage doors? But it does and that too, great garage door brands like Amaar. What’s more, they sell garage door accessories like Garage door openers and remotes. For this, they offer brands like Atomi, Genie, and Chamberlain for garage door accessories.

  • Menard’s

Menard’s is a home improvement retail chain in the U.S. They deal with garage doors in various styles. Commercial, residential, traditional, modern, roll-up, etc. are the various options. Designer and premium handcrafted garage doors are also available here. They have garage doors of various sizes and colors to choose from. The doors come with and without insulation. Menard’s also offers an entire range of garage door spare parts.

Garage Door Services in Raleigh NC

The above retailers are those who have stores in almost every U.S. city or neighborhood. These are places where you buy your daily essentials. Now, you can get your garage doors from here too. Check out the above list of retailers and go buy your garage door without delay.

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